Student Resources

Student Resources

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Your Connection

Your student portal that includes:  course registration, transfer credit evaluation, academic advisor information, etc


Degree Works

This tool will help you monitor progress toward degree completion by outlining degree requirements.  The tool includes a "what if" analysis and GPA calculator. 

Disabilities Support Services

Coordinates services essential to providing students with disabilities (learning, physical, or mental) equal access. 

  • Located on the 4th floor of Reed Library, in the Learning Center

Learning Center

Drop in tutoring and writing assistance available. 

Counseling Center

For mental health support, the Counseling Center offers free, confidential services, private and individualized services ( For an appointment, please call 716-673-3424 or stop by the office in LoGrasso Hall 8:30-5:00 M-F. Walk-in services are also available - no appointment necessary - first come first serve - Monday-Friday 1:00-4:00pm when classes are in session. 

Another option for support is "Let's Talk" - a drop-in service in the Intercultural Center that offers informal, no-commitment consultation with a Fredonia counselor.

You can stop by the Let’s Talk office in the Intercultural Center (first floor – Thompson Hall) to speak with a counselor about concerns, get help problem-solving, and learn more about counseling services at the Fredonia Counseling Center and other resources available to you at Fredonia. For current Let's Talk hours, visit:   

Crisis/Emergency services are available 24/7 when classes are in session. 

  • If a crisis arises during working hours, students should contact the Counseling Center directly by either calling 716-673-3424 or by going directly to the office located in LoGrasso Hall.
  • When students come to the Counseling Center in crisis, they should make the secretary aware that they require immediate and/or same-day assistance.
  • Outside of regularly scheduled working hours, students living on campus are advised to notify their Resident Advisor (RA) or Resident Director (RD) of the crisis, who may then decide to engage emergency services. (Contact Residence Life)
  • Students may also reach the Counseling Center emergency services by contacting University Police (673-3333).


Career Development Office

Assistance with career and major choices, internship opportunities, Job search skills, and resume building

Building Academic Success:

Additional Resources