William T. and Charlotte N. Hagan Young Scholar/Artist Award

The Award

The annual William T. and Charlotte N. Hagan Young Scholar/Artist Award recognizes an individual who has made out- standing recent achievements in research or creativity. The award is named in honor of William T. Hagan, Ph.D., an eminent scholar specializing in the history of the American Indian. Arriving in 1965 and retiring in 1988, he served as history department chairperson and as acting vice president for Academic Affairs. He was awarded a SUNY Distinguished Professorship at State University of New York at Fredonia. Dr. Hagan is honored for his widely-recognized distinguished scholarship, and for personifying for Fredonia's faculty scholarly activity and, in his person, high professional and humane values.

He wrote, among others:

  • The Sac and Fox Indians (University of Oklahoma Press, 1958, 1980),
  • American Indians (University of Chicago Press, 1961, 1979),
  • Indian Police and Judges (Yale University Press, 1966; University of Nebraska Press, 1980),
  • The Indian in American History (American Historical Association, 1971, 1985),
  • United States-Comanche Relations (Yale University Press, 1976), and
  • The Indian Rights Association (University of Arizona Press, 1985).

The award was initiated in 1987 to recognize outstanding professional achievement by a teaching faculty member in research, scholarship, or artistic performance. Only faculty members below the rank of Full Professor are eligible to apply for the Hagan Award. There is, however, no age limit for this award. The award is accompanied by an increase of $500 to the recipients base salary.

The recipient of the Hagan Award receives recognition at the Kasling Memorial Lecture held in October.


All nominating letters, including self-nominating letters, should include a curriculum vitae, as well as an explanation of the scholarly and/or artistic achievements of the nominee. Nominees or their nominators should submit supporting documents, which should include (internal and/or external) letters of recommendation, examples of published work, or materials detailing artistic achievements. Documentation of the quality and the impact of nominees’ research or creative activities, and the venues for such work, is extremely helpful. Letters of recommendation that describe the significance of the nominee’s professional accomplishments are also extremely helpful. These may be written by a departmental colleague or other persons in the profession familiar with the nominee’s work and its significance. (Please note: It is not required that the department chair be one of the letter writers, and no extra significance will be conferred upon letters written by chairs.)

Complete applications should be submitted to: the Kasling Committee, c/o Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The deadline varies, but it is usually in March/April every year.

Hagan Recipients

  • 2018

Dr. Lei Huang, Department of Buisness Administration

  • 2017
    Dr. Birger Vanwesenbeeck, English

  • 2016
    Dr. Natalie Gerber, English

  • 2015
    Dr. Scott A. Medler, Biology
  • 2014
    Dr. Christian Bernhard, The School of Music
  • 2013
    Dr. Timothy Frerichs, Visual Arts and New Media
  • 2012
    Dr. Kavid Kinkela, History
  • 2011
    Dr. Kate Mahoney, Language, Learning and Leadership
  • 2010
    Dr. Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, Psychology/Dr. Natasha Farny, School of Music
  • 2009
    Dr. Niel Feit, Philosophy
  • 2008
    Dr. Jonathan Titus, Biology
  • 2007
    Janet Sung, School of Music
  • 2006
    Dr. William Brown, Biology
  • 2005
    Kevin J. McMahon, Political Science
  • 2004
    Dr. Michael Jabot, Curriculum and Instruction /Dr. Aimee Nezhukumatathil, English
  • 2003
    Dr. Stephen Kershnar, Philosophy
  • 2002
    Richard Marchand, Mathematical Sciences
  • 2001
    Markus Vink, History
  • 2000
    John Arthos, Communication
  • 1999 Nancy R.  Psychology
  • 1998 
    Dr. Efrain J. Ferrer, Physics/James P. Piorkowski, School of Music
  • 1997
    Julie L. Newell, School of Music
  • 1996
    Dr. Vivian F. Incera, Physics
  • 1995
    Dr. Daniel A. Jelski , Chemistry
  • 1994 
    Dr. Andrea Raspini, Physics/Alberto Rey, Visual Arts and New Media
  • 1993
    Grant Cooper, Music/Lawrence J. Maheady, Curriculum and Instruction
  • 1992
    Dr. Michael P. Grady, Physics
  • 1991
    Raymond A. Belliotti, Philosophy
  • 1990
    Tamara P. Thornton, History
  • 1989
    Dr. Gary G. Lash, Geosciences
  • 1988
    Dr. John A. Hansen, Economics
  • 1987
    Dr. Randall R. Dipert, History

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