Student Payroll

Forms, Timesheets, & Manual

**Timesheets must be printed on the appropriate color paper. This tells us that it is a time sensitive document that needs to be taken care of on time.**

  • Direct Deposit - Form and more information are also located in the direct deposit link in the left navigation.
  • Supply Form - To receive more supplies such as timesheets and envelopes.

2017-2018 Schedules

Student Assistant Employment

There are hundreds of Student Assistant jobs available for Fredonia students. Students may apply for these jobs by approaching individual departments as well as by completing an application in the Student Payroll Office located at 303 Maytum Hall. The only qualifying factor to become a Student Assistant is the person be a registered student at Fredonia State. Once a department hires a student, the student must come to the Student Payroll Office with an appointment form to complete the necessary paperwork. Proper identification must be shown at that time as listed here. (One form of ID from List A OR one form of ID from list B AND C.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Work Study Employment

There are close to 200 Work Study jobs available to Fredonia students who qualify. To find out if you are eligible, contact Financial Aid at (716) 673-3253. When a student qualifies and is hired, they will need to return the referral to the Student Payroll Office and complete the necessary paperwork. A copy of the signed referral must be forwarded to Financial Aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

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