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Undergraduate Withdrawal Form

A student who finds it necessary to leave the college before the end of a semester must officially withdraw through the Office of New Student and Transition Programs. Students may withdraw for any reason up to three weeks prior to the end of the semester. 

Undergraduate Withdrawal Process

Step 1Download and complete a withdrawal form.  Students may pick-up a paper form at the office of New Student and Transition Programs (604 Maytum Hall) or the Financial Aid Office (2nd Floor Maytum Hall).

If a student has attended classes during the semester and is leaving before the end of the semester, they must complete the full form.  This includes obtaining signatures from the following offices:

  • Financial Aid (2nd Floor Maytum Hall) 
  • Student Accounts (3rd Floor Maytum Hall)
  • Residence Life (1st Floor Gregory Hall)
  • FSA (1st Floor Gregory Hall)

If a student has decided not to return for the following semester, but is finishing the current semester, they should:

  • complete the top half of the withdrawal form only 
  • sign the bottom of the form

Step 2: Return completed form to the office of New Student and Transition Programs


Special notes:

Students will be permitted to withdraw during the final three weeks of the semester ONLY for reasons due to illness or other reasons as determined by the Office of Enrollment and Student Services. 

Graduate Students wishing to withdraw or take an academic leave should work with the Graduate Studies Office to complete the appropriate form and process.  Click here for more information.


Please direct questions to:

Erin Mroczka, Director

New Student and Transition Programs



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