Mission Statement:

Fredonia educates, challenges, and inspires students to become skilled, connected, creative, and responsible global citizens and professionals.

The university enriches the world through scholarship, artistic expression, community engagement, and entrepreneurship.

Vision Statement:

Fredonia aspires to be a comprehensive, selective, diverse, residential institution that is above all a community of learners. It aims to provide a challenging, safe, and supportive educational environment in which every participant has the flexibility to develop his or her best talents, attaining the highest standards of excellence in liberal arts and in one or more chosen fields. At the center of our curricula is a broad, integrated General College Program that will increasingly emphasize writing, problem-solving, scientific reasoning, a global perspective, and socio-ethical understanding, while introducing students to arts, humanities, mathematics, and natural and social sciences. All specializations build from this core.

Fredonia's faculty will continue to be dedicated teachers and also practicing scholars and performers/artists whose continuous learning animates their teaching. The University both requires and will foster their research, creativity, and other professional service as members of our learning community.

A broad range of liberal arts and professional programs at the undergraduate level and increasing numbers of programs at the master's level will provide a great variety of academic choices. Academic fields which will continue to attract large numbers of students include:

  • professionally accredited programs in the fine and performing arts, including nationally renowned and comprehensive programs in music
  • nationally recognized programs in elementary and secondary education and speech pathology
  • successful programs in the natural sciences, including a unique undergraduate program in recombinant gene technology
  • significant programs in psychology and in social sciences with applied and international orientations
  • distinctive programs in English, centered on American and world literature, and in communication
  • professional programs in business, accounting, and computer science, with a focus on applications of information technology

These academic strengths will increasingly be enhanced by writing across the curriculum, a variety of interdisciplinary programs, the appropriate use of new technologies, and an emphasis on international and multicultural studies.

Our commitment to high standards for our students and to individual learning and development will continue to find expression in a college-wide emphasis on student-centered teaching and advising. The resulting close relationships among students, faculty, and staff will be augmented by ever easier access to faculty outside of class, by an emphasis on joint student/faculty research, and by opportunities for internships and independent studies in all programs. Our Honors Program, which provides unusual intellectual challenges in specially designed courses, will grow in scope. Hallmarks of the University will continue to be genuine collaborative education and exceptional graduation rates.

In a setting of well-maintained buildings and grounds, co-curricular activities and sports will continue to develop leadership and unite participants in the pursuit of shared interests.

Fredonia's professional staff will continue its strong contribution to student development and learning outside of class.

As a community of learners, we must respect both individual and cultural differences. We will strengthen understanding of and respect for others through general education requirements, multicultural courses, academic programs, student activities, and opportunities for study abroad.

Our service to our region will include an increasing range of volunteer services and greater support for the region's economic and educational development. Fredonia also aspires to bring our distinguished cultural programming to wider audiences in our area.

Fredonia believes in its students' ability to excel. They will leave us prepared to think and communicate critically and creatively, to see themselves as self-respecting men and women responsible for the consequences of their choices, engaged with their communities, able to work together with diverse people, and ready to face unpredictable challenges in a rapidly changing world.

-- Approved by Faculty Council

State University of New York at Fredonia

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